New year – Vallader app, fuzzing and advisories

Happy new year everybody,

As some of you know I’m learning a new language (Vallader Romansh) and because that language is only spoken by a few ten thousand people there is no dictionary Android app. So hey, here is a version I coded in half a day on github and on Google Play. I never took the time to improve it, so I thought I simply release it today (which took me another half a day). The app isn’t very stable, not well tested, but I guess better some app than no app at all. Send me pull requests 😉

Moreover, I’ve been fuzzing quiet a lot in the last few months and the results are crazy, thanks to AFL. I’m writing heap buffer overflow exploits and I hope I’ll write some more posts about it soon.

If you haven’t seen it, we’ve been releasing a few advisories in 2014.

Additionally, I just changed some settings on this page. You won’t be bothered with third party JavaScript includes on this domain anymore.