New year, new host, same hacks

Wow, it’s been a while, last post was 2018. I’ve been very busy. Back in 2019 my co-founder Martin and me created Pentagrid. Many things also fell asleep during the pandemic, as social interaction got harder.

I’ve moved this blog to a different hoster, let me know if anything broke. If you are into old weird stuff, check out my TI Voyage 200 calculator functions I wrote more than ten years ago and I’ve also moved for nostalgic reasons.

I still do some Open Source related things. For example, stuff that nerd-snipes me, such as balancing the use of memory, disc and number of HTTP Range requests by creating a Python file-like object that does HTTP Range requests in the read function. My CRASS project is still alive and maintained. Looking a little more at Windows domain things lately, but mostly using awesome tools from other people. I’m very much looking forward to the new Burp Extension API and multi-language extensibility as well and I still love the tool, even when it sometimes seem that I’m constantly, complaining, a lot, about Burp. I’ve been blogging mostly on the Pentagrid blog. So head over there and check out the new Response Overview Burp Suite extension or how we broke AWS Cognito for example. Going forward I’ll try to still blog from time to time, even if takes 5 years.